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Also new this year....... attention all ladies!!! All of us girls need a night, or an afternoon for just US. What a great way to incorporate the great outdoors, and the love of a horse.....
We started this last fall with the boarders, each Friday evening we would saddle up and enjoy a very nice LEISURELY ride out behind the farm. We would then return and have a nice beverage and chit chat around the table.
This is the first winter we have all really been able to enjoy winter and have taken to our Sunday afternoon rides.  Before being able to enjoy a nice trail ride, you will first have to complete a series of riding lessons so that you are comfortable with the horse. This can be a very enjoyable time to spend with your lady friends. Many friendships are built when doing an activity with others that also enjoy it. This will be starting May 1st, so please call or e-mail to reserve your spot today!
You will start out by taking the Safe Rider Course, the fee for this is $150 tax in, for four weekly lessons, 2 hours each lesson. Please speak to Marj for more information.

"Where Our Business, Is For Your Pleasure"